Paintings inspired by land, sea and flora.

Charlotte Stanworth. MA Fine Arts


Please contact me if you would like to purchase one of my paintings for your personal collection.

I am happy to advise and discuss any paintings you are interested in.


If you are an interested gallery please contact me to arrange a suitable time for viewing my work.

I look forward to bringing my portfolio to you for further discussion.


I would best describe my work as semi abstract and expressive.

I don’t like to plan, preferring to work directly onto the canvas letting instinct be the guide.

I go in quickly, using rapid gestural brushstrokes to convey an emotional response.

The work emerges as something that is neither fully abstract nor representational.

I work mostly on large scale canvas in oils and acrylics, often incorporating other mixed media


My art has also been exhibited in numerous Galleries and festivals over the years.

London, Cotswold and Cornish Galleries
Studio 1, London,
Wren Gallery’, Burford
Stanworth Fine Arts, Leicestershire


If you wish, I can arrange a no obligation viewing of work, at your convenience.